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Quiz help make lessons interactive and ensures a quick revision of concepts learned previously.


To create a quiz, click on the Create Quiz button from the lesson page. You will be redirected to the Quiz List. If you have not created any quizzes yet, the list will be empty. Click on Add Quiz to create a new quiz. You will be redirected to the quiz form.

Quiz List

Enter the following information in the quiz form:

  • Quiz Title: Give your quiz a relevant title.
  • Question: Enter the question in this field.
  • Options: Provide options for the question in this field. A question should have a minimum of 2 options and a maximum of 4 options.
  • Explanation: You can explain why an option is correct or incorrect using this field.
  • Is Correct: If an option is correct you can check this field to indicate the same. A question can have more than one correct option.

Quiz Form

Add more questions

To add more questions click on the New Question button.

Once you have entered all the information you can save the quiz. You will notice an entry for the quiz in the quiz list. You can copy the quiz id from the quiz list using the Copy Quiz ID button. Then you can paste it in the lessons Quiz ID field where you want the quiz.

Quiz List

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